I'm a fourth year Ph.D. candidate at Rutgers University , under the guidance of Prof. Dong Deng .

Prior to embarking on my Ph.D. Journey, I earned my Master's degree from Rutgers University and my Bachelor's degree from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

I am passionate about research in the areas of similarity search, vector data management, and database systems. My specific focus revolves around innovating novel algorithms and crafting practical indexes to address complex data challenges.

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SeRF: Segment Graph for Range-Filtering Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
Chaoji Zuo, Miao Qiao, Wenchao Zhou, Feifei Li and Dong Deng
ARKGraph: All-Range Approximate K-Nearest-Neighbor Graph
Chaoji Zuo and Dong Deng
VLDB 2023
Spine: Scaling up Programming-by-Negative-Example for String Filtering and Transformation
Chaoji Zuo, Sepehr Assadi and Dong Deng
TxtAlign: Efficient Near-Duplicate Text Alignment Search via Bottom-k Sketches for Plagiarism Detection
Zhizhi Wang, Chaoji Zuo and Dong Deng
CellRep: Usage Representativeness Modeling and Correction Based on Multiple City-Scale Cellular Networks
Zhihan Fang, Guang Wang, Shuai Wang, Chaoji Zuo, Fan Zhang, Zui Chen and Desheng Zhang
WWW 2020

Award and Honor

2024, Alibaba Cloud Outstanding Research Intern
2023, VLDB Travel Fellowship
2022, SIGMOD Student Programming Contest -- Runner-Up
2021, SIGMOD Student Programming Contest -- Finalist
2020, Rutgers ECE Capstone -- Best in Research Award



  CS336 (Principal of Information and Data Management);
  CS437 (Database Systems Implementation);
  CS539 (Database Management Systems).


  SIGMOD'23 Student Programming Contest